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Map of Scandinavia Countries Region

Map of Scandinavia Countries Region Pictures

Especially, in Germanic studies, "Continental" refers to the European abstemious excluding the Scandinavian peninsula, Britain, Ireland and Iceland. The acumen for this is that although the Scandinavian peninsula is technically absorbed to Continental Europe by Karelia, it is in convenance accomplished by sea, not by acreage (which would betoken travelling arctic as far as Tornio at the 66th alongside north), and has in the accomplished been mis-identified as an island (Scandia). Kontinenten "the Continent" is a colloquial Swedish announcement excluding Sweden, Norway and Finland, but including Denmark (even the Danish archipelago) and the blow of continental Europe. In Norway, similarly, one speaks about Kontinentet as a abstracted article (in best cases apropos to Germany, France and the Benelux countries).

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