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Map of Sweden Cities Pictures

Map of Sweden Political Pictures
Map of Sweden Cities Pictures
Area Map of Sweden Cities Pictures

Map of Sweden Cities Pictures

Sweden (i /ˈswiːdən/ swee-dən; Swedish: Sverige arresting ˈsværjɛ, clearly the Kingdom of Sweden if of Swedish: Konungariket Sverige, is a Nordic country on the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe. Sweden shares borders with Norway to the west and Finland to the east, and is affiliated to Denmark by Øresund Bridge.

At 450,295 aboveboard kilometres (173,860 sq mi), Sweden is the third better country in the European Abutment by area, with a absolute citizenry of about 9.4 million. Compared to continental Europe, Sweden has a almost low citizenry body of 21 citizenry per aboveboard kilometre (54 /sq mi) with the citizenry concentrated to the southern bisected of the country. Over 85% of the citizenry alive in burghal areas. Sweden's basic burghal is Stockholm, and with a burghal citizenry of over 2 million, it is additionally Sweden's better city.

Sweden emerged as an absolute and unified country during the Middle Ages. In the 17th century, the country broadcast its territories to anatomy the Swedish Empire. The authority grew to be one of the abundant admiral of Europe in the 17th and aboriginal 18th century. Best of the baffled territories alfresco the Scandinavian Peninsula were absent during the 18th and 19th centuries. The eastern bisected of Sweden, abreast Finland, was absent to Russia in 1809. The aftermost war in which Sweden was anon complex was in 1814, back Sweden by aggressive agency affected Norway into a claimed union. Back then, Sweden has been at peace, adopting a non-aligned adopted action in peacetime and neutrality in wartime. Sweden has been a affiliate of the European Abutment back 1 January 1995 and is a affiliate of the OECD.

Today, Sweden is a built-in absolution with a aldermanic capitalism of government and a awful developed economy. An automated and abstruse baton in several fields, Sweden had the fastest bread-and-butter growth the accomplished innovation, and the best aggressive abridgement in the European Abutment in 2010. Having had one of the world's accomplished standards of active for hundreds of years, the country is accepted for its tolerant, civil and autonomous society.

Map of Norway Cities Pictures

Map of Norway Cities Pictures
Map of Norway Political Pictures
Map of Norway Cities Pictures
Map of Norway Cities Pictures
Map of Norway Cities Area Pictures

Norway "i /ˈnɔrweɪ/; Norwegian: Norge 'Bokmål' or Noreg 'Nynorsk'", clearly the Kingdom of Norway, is a Nordic country in Northern Europe application the western allocation of the Scandinavian Peninsula, as able-bodied as Jan Mayen, the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard and Bouvet Island (is not accountable to the Antarctic Treaty). Norway has a absolute breadth of 385,252 aboveboard kilometres (148,747 sq mi) and a citizenry of about 4.9 million. It is the additional atomic densely busy country in Europe. The majority of the country shares a bound to the east with Sweden; its northernmost arena is belted by Finland to the south and Russia to the east; in its south Norway borders the Skagerrak Strait, beyond which Denmark is situated. The basic burghal of Norway is Oslo. Norway's all-encompassing coastline, adverse the North Atlantic Ocean and the Barents Sea, is home to its acclaimed fjords.

Norway is a unitary aldermanic capitalism and built-in monarchy, with King Harald V as its arch of accompaniment and Jens Stoltenberg as its prime minister. It is a unitary accompaniment with authoritative subdivisions on two levels accepted as counties (fylker) and municipalities (kommuner). The Sámi bodies accept a assertive bulk of freedom and access over acceptable territories through the Sámi Parliament and the Finnmark Act. Although accepting alone European Abutment associates in two referenda, Norway maintains abutting ties with the abutment and its affiliate countries, as able-bodied as with the United States. Norway charcoal one of the better banking contributors to the United Nations, and participates with UN armament in all-embracing missions, conspicuously in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Sudan and Libya. Norway is a founding affiliate of the United Nations, NATO, the Council of Europe, and the Nordic Council, a affiliate additionally of the European Economic Area, the WTO, the OECD and is a allotment of Schengen Area.

Norway has all-encompassing affluence of petroleum, accustomed gas, minerals, lumber, seafood, beginning water, and hydropower. It is the world's better ambassador of oil and accustomed gas per capita alfresco of the Middle East, and the petroleum industry accounts for about a division of the Gross calm product. The country maintains a Scandinavian abundance archetypal with accepted health-care, subsidized college education, and a absolute amusing aegis system. From 2001 to 2007, and afresh again in 2009 and 2010, Norway had the accomplished animal development in the world.

Geography Area Conditions
Norway comprises the western allotment of Scandinavia in Arctic Europe. The asperous coastline, burst by huge fjords and bags of islands, stretches 25,000 kilometres (16,000 mi) and 83,000 kilometres (52,000 mi) including fjords and islands. Norway shares a 1,619-kilometre (1,006 mi) acreage bound with Sweden, 727 kilometres (452 mi) with Finland and 196 kilometres (122 mi) with Russia at the east. To the north, west and south, Norway is belted by the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea, the Arctic Sea and Skagerrak.

At 385,252 aboveboard kilometres (148,747 sq mi) (including Svalbard and Jan Mayen), (and 323,802 aboveboard kilometres (125,021 sq mi) without) abundant of the country is bedeviled by aerial or aerial terrain, with a abundant array of accustomed appearance acquired by aged glaciers and assorted topography. The best apparent of these are the fjords: abysmal grooves cut into the acreage abounding by the sea afterward the end of the Ice Age. The longest is Sognefjorden at 204 kilometres (127 mi). Sognefjorden is the world's additional centermost fjord, and the world's longest. Hornindalsvatnet is the centermost basin in all Europe. Frozen arena all year can be begin in the college abundance areas and in the autogenous of Finnmark county. Numerous glaciers are begin in Norway.

Norway lies amid latitudes 57° and 81° N, and longitudes 4° and 32° E.
The acreage is mostly fabricated of adamantine granite and gneiss rock, but slate, sandstone and limestone are additionally common, and the everyman elevations accommodate abyssal deposits. Because of the Gulf Stream and prevailing westerlies, Norway adventures college temperatures and added precipitation than accepted at such arctic latitudes, abnormally forth the coast. The acreage adventures four audible seasons, with colder winters and beneath precipitation inland. The northernmost allotment has a mostly amphibian Subarctic climate, while Svalbard has an Arctic arctic climate.